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Pattaya Sweethearts ...
... aren't prostitutes,
they are entertainers.
Pattaya Sweethearts are known as the world's most famous storytellers.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Where they come from
and why they are working in Pattaya
Where they come from and why they are working in Pattaya
Most of the girls working in Pattaya come from the north of Thailand or from Isan, but some are from Laos or from Cambodia.
They work in the bars because they are in need for the money to support their families and/or their children. In case of a divorce, most Thai men don't pay for their children. Therefore many of the girls aren't very happy with their life. Try to make them laugh. Let them forget their worries for a while.
You will be surprised with the attention you will get!
Just because of their kind of work, it doesn't mean they are less respectable then the rest of us!
If a girl says 'NO', she means 'NO' in most cases! Respect her decision. If you are a nice man and very well dressed you don't will have any problems to meet another nice girl.
If you found a girl don't flirt with an other one. Thai girls don't like Butterflys!
Why Thai Women
marries Westeners
Information collected from a poll
Why Thai Woman marries Westeners
Traditionally, Thai women are supposed to remain celibate until they marry. Therefore, widows and divorcees are not considered ideal wives for Thai men and Thai women often remain single after divorce. This is different in western culture, where a woman's prior marital or sexual history is not considered so important.
Therefore the western men have opened up new possibilities for divorced Thai women. Their western husbands make them feel that they can be respectable, whereas before, after divorcing their Thai husbands they had a feeling of being 'used'.
Many of the transmigrated women agree that they had never realised that they have the rights over their bodies and could make decisions in their marriages before they met their western husbands. Some village women explained that the realisation was 'like a miracle'.
The women frankly confess that financial security was a major factor in their decision to marry, but many gave other reasons for preferring western men. In a newspaper interview, one woman married to a farang complained of the 'bad habits' of Thai men. Some women interviewed agreed, citing some of those bad habits as addiction to gambling and alcoholic drinking and having no responsibility for their families. Some said they and their children used to experience domestic violence from their husbands.
Thai families
are in deep debt
Household debts over
134'000 Baht!
Pattaya Sweethearts
A survey, conducted by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, interviewed 1'189 households nationwide and showed that the imbalance between income and expenses is on the rise.
The survey also showed a rising number of people earning between 10'000 to 20'000 Baht a month has sought loans and more and more people have obtained undocumented loans - money by loan sharks.
79% (!) of the interviewed workers admitted they where in deep debts...
They blamed higher consumer prices, interest rates and oil prices for their debts.
One in 3 spend 815 baht a month on alcohol. Slightly less than half of all interviewed spend an average of 395 baht on lottery each month. Almost half of the workers felt stressed by work.
Now you know why so many women are working in Pattaya.
Do you imagine where your money goes - and your gold...
Thai people think
Farangs are an ATM
for the whole of the family
Pattaya Sweethearts
It took 24 hours only until whole the familiy learned that a beautiful lady working at a restaurant in Jomtien is living with a Farang.
Mother, sister and brother all called her by phone - and everybody asked for some money...
Her familiy is as hard as flint: They call the lady every day. They need the money to buy a new mobile phone, a new motorcycle and to start a dog breeding farm. The ideas are endless. Even her 10 year old daughter had to call her to ask some money.
Thai people believe a Farang is an ATM for whole the family.
That's Thailand.
The Lies
No have Boyfriend
Pattaya Sweethearts
About 80% of all ladies working at bars or are freelancing are living with a Thai husband or a Thai boyfriend (in Thai language: FAN).
A FAN is 'more' than a PHUEAN.
A PHUEAN can be girlfriend, an ordinary boyfriend or even a farang. The Thai word FAN sounds similar to the English word 'fan' but doesn't have the same meaning.
Many of these FANs don't work regulary or are taxidriver (usually driving a motorcycle taxi) - they live with the money the girls get from the Farangs...
Sex in Thailand
A leading industry
Pattaya Sweethearts
In Thailand sex is a leading industry, where 'sex massages' and other forms of illicit entertainment bring in $4 billion per year. This industry, received a boost when the World Bank recommended that Thailand pursue tourism as an economic strategy during the Vietnam War years.
There are 'health, social, psychological and physical effects' associated with this trend. The sex trade also contributes greatly to the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. There are 1.6 million people reportedly living with the HIV virus in Southeast Asia alone. Of those, 580'000 live in Thailand.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Thailand has some of the most beautiful women
Pattaya Sweethearts
Thailand has some of the most beautiful, sexy, exotic and erotic women in the world!
With so many Thai ladies working at bars or simply are freelancing, it is quite easy to find a 'boom boom' companion for 'short time' or 'long time' fun.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts are prostitutes
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts are very nice, sweet, fun loving creatures but they spread their legs in order to make money.
Whoever created the illusion that a woman who works in a sex establishment or freelances to make money by spreading her legs is not a prostitute is blind.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts aren't looking for a prince
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts number 1 priority is taking care of themselves and their families. And their only method of taking care of themselves and their families is money.
Despite the fact that Pattaya Sweethearts are poor, they are quite happy living in their beautiful country. In addition, Pattaya Sweethearts enjoy indulging in their wonderful culture and have no need to find a prince charming to rescue them from their current situation.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts aren't submissive
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts aren't submissive but rather gentle women that like to take care of their men and make sure that their men are happy.
In addition, Pattaya Sweethearts have come to learn that there are a lot of tourists looking for love and therefore, they use their charm, personality and sex appeal to get what they want: Money.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts don't prefer older men
Pattaya Sweethearts
When it comes to money Thai women like all kind of men (short, fat bald, midgets, etc.).
For some reason a lot of men believe the notion that Pattaya Sweethearts are with them because they actually like them.
The reality is that the Pattaya Sweethearts are simply with them for money.
In addition, Pattaya Sweethearts would much rather be seen with a sexy young foreigner, than with a sweaty old man that can barely get a 'hardon'.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts like Thai men
Pattaya Sweethearts
Many male tourists will be surprised to know how many Sweethearts have Thai boyfriends.
This should not be surprising simply because a Pattaya Sweetheart can relate a lot better to a Thai man than with a male tourist from the west.
So why then does a Pattaya Sweetheart choose to work in a bar or an other adult establishment if she has a Thai boyfriend? Well it all comes down to money, which is something everybody needs.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts don't earn a lot of money
Pattaya Sweethearts
Although Pattaya Sweethearts may work 6 days a week sometimes year round with few breaks in between, they don't make a lot of money.
Instead the little money Pattaya Sweethearts do make goes to pay for their personal expenses and the rest is sent to their families for support.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts like working in a bar
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts enjoy working in a bar simply because many of them have friends and cousins that work at a bar too.
In addition, working in a bar gives Pattaya Sweethearts the opportunity to have some fun (drink, meet foreigners and party) and enjoy themselves outside of their routine lives.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts love foreigners...
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts learned to accept foreigners coming to their precious country for the past few decades for intoxication and intercourse vacations.
One thing is for sure, Pattaya Sweethearts love foreigners money.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts are loyal to their men
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya's Sweethearts work in a bar or do a freelance job not because they want to but because they need money.
So even though a Pattaya Sweetheart may meet someone she likes, there will always be new opportunities (new foreigners) she will come across that will provide her with more money.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts are not educated
Pattaya Sweethearts
Although Pattaya Sweethearts may not have received the educational opportunities that many foreigners from the west have received, they are a lot smarter than your average male tourist.
Pattaya Sweethearts are street smart, learn the tricks of the business of working in a bar and use their sex appeal to milk as much money from several male tourists all while remaining the sweet, beautiful, loyal, submissive uneducated females every male tourist believes they are.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Pattaya Sweethearts have a dream man
Pattaya Sweethearts
The Dream Man of a Pattaya Sweetheart is a Farang that
doesn't ask any question,
doesn't like to settle down in Thailand,
spends 2 or 3 weeks of his annual holidays only in Thailand
and transfers between 20'000 and 60'000 Baht a month to her bank account.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Who tells the true?
Pattaya Sweethearts
In full contrary to all information above, some sources say that '75% of Pattaya girls only come here to find a husband or long term partner to settle down with and although some of the Sweethearts may seem like they really love there work most of them just dream of settling down with one guy and believe it or not most are extremely faithful'.
The true is: The ladies are looking for a partner because they like or need the Farang's money.
Pattaya Sweethearts
The most popular goods
Pattaya Sweethearts
Sooner or later your lady will ask you to buy some gold or a mobile phone. If you don't buy she will look very sad and will call you a 'tightwad'.
Nevertheless: Don't buy! Gold and mobile phones are very easy to sell and she will sell the presents as fast as possible. She's interested in the money only and gold and mobile phones are just another opportunity to make some money.
Never give her your phone and don't tell her that you own more than one mobile phone. We bet it will disappear one day and she will tell you with a bright smile that she had to sell it because she run out of money.
Pattaya Sweethearts
You can't change them
Pattaya Sweethearts
You can take a Pattaya Sweetheart out of her bar, but you never can take out the bar of her head.
Usualy Thai Sweethearts tell the truth - about her girlfriends.
Never tell a Thai Sweetheart that you love her. This give her a reason to boost her price and ask for some gold.
Should you are already be married to a Thai Sweetheart, be aware of the motorcycle taxi network. It keep tabs on errant husbands.
Pattaya Sweethearts
Not on Internet
Pattaya Sweethearts
More and more Pattaya Sweethearts don't like to see their pictures on the internet. They fear their 'sponsors' get know they didn't stop working at the bars as promised.
In agreement with their mamasans they take a timeout as soon as their sponsors arrive in Thailand.
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