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Pattaya Freelancer
Double earner with double ethics
True Stories from Pattaya
Porn, a beautiful 30 years old lady from Isan, is working as a freelancer at Dancings in Pattaya. She shares her 10 sqm apartment in Central Pattaya with a girlfriend.
Porn is married to a Thai man. Her husband works at a Police Station in Bangkok. At the end of every month he comes to Pattaya to meet his wife and to collect the money she earned during the month...
When I asked her, if her husband don't get jealous when she sleeps with Farangs, she told me: 'No. He likes the money above all. He only gets angry during low season, when I can't collect enough of money...'
I didn't get any answer when I asked her, why she hands over all the money to this man...
You can meet Porn at Tony's and Lucifer, at Marine Disco and at Bamboo Bar.
Update: Her husband is working now in Sattahip. To improve her earnings during low season Porn is working at Beach Road too.
Happened: 2007
Nee and the money
I take 3'000 Baht.
True Stories from Pattaya
Nee, a nice, but somewhat noisy lady from Korat was working a few months at one of the few donut outlets at Carrefour's 1st floor until she decided to earn her money as a coyote dancer on Pattaya's Walking Street.
She left her Thai boyfriend and is now looking for farangs at a popular bar.
The driving force behind her move? Money! As fast and as much as possible.
She is asking 3'000 Baht for every single shorttime job. A good girlfriend told Nee that her body is worth every Baht.
Happened: 2010
Same Law for Thais and Farangs?
The Ladies have to pay.
True Stories from Pattaya
Dong is from Nakhon Sawang. She was married to a Thai man for 4 years. They produced a son.
Then her husband met another woman, ceded the son to his parents and left Dong.
And who has to pay for the living and the education of their son?
Her former husband doesn't have the money to support his son. He need his money for his new wife and his daily bottle of whisky.
NightWalker reported in his July 2011 News Flash for Pattaya-at-Night about a seminar for Thai women with foreign spouses organized by the Chonburi Social Development and Human Security Department. The seminar educated Thai women about their rights if abandoned by her foreign husband or/and are missing child support.
During October 2011 American lawer Drew Noyes from P.A.P.P.A. Law Office in Pattaya told the media that the Thai Law is the same for Thais and Farangs.
There are thousands of Thai women working in Pattaya for the sole reason to support their children, abandoned by their former Thai husband(s). A lot of work for Mr. Noyes to proof his words!
We just learned that Dong also has to pay the debts of her former husband...
Story added: 2011
Thais can smell the money
the wife of a fisherman says.
True Stories from Pattaya
The sister of my mother-in-law is living along the Thai - Laos border. She and her husband make their living by fishing in the 'Moon River', the big river that parts Thailand from Laos.
She warned me:
If Thai people smell money, you can't trust them anymore.
Story added: October 2011
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True Stories from Pattaya
All Stories on this page are true. We changed the names only and sometimes the locations.
The Lady from Nong Bua Lamphu
and her English Man from Vietnam
True Stories from Pattaya
Ning is a small lady from Nong Bua Lamphu. During the whole of her live Ning had a very strong head. Her family is as poor as a church mouse. At the age of 20 she decided to change her life. She wanted to go out of the poverty.
With a few hundred Baht in her pocket she bought a bus ticket to Pattaya and started her work at a bar.
The first few days were dissapointing. No farang, no money.
But one evening she spotted a farang in good clothes approaching her bar. 'That's the chance of your life' she told herself. With the little english she learned at school and the help of another lady working at the same bar, it took a few minutes only to know she got the right one: An English men, working in Vietnam, earning good money and having a good heart.
At the end of his holidays she told him that she wants to end her work at the bar and that she wants to marry him.
The English gentleman aggreed to support her until he will return for another holiday. Unlike other ladies, Ning returned home, prepared all the papers needed to marry a farang and waited for his return.
When he returned, the two married in Pattaya. With his money Ning bought some ground in her home town and built a house.
Until today she refused any attempts of Thai men to benefit from her fortune. Not even her own family gets a share of her wealth.
'It's my life, my man and my money. I did it.' - she told me.
Happened: 2004 / 2007
Pattaya News Flash
Three in one
Pizza the Thai Way
True Stories from Pattaya
Ouane, a 30-year old Thai woman from the Korat is working for a Pizza company in Pattaya. Her husband is living in Chiang Mai to make his living and to support his wife and his 1-year old son.
Ouane has a supplementary income:
During a few nights every month she is chasing Farangs on Pattaya's Walking Street.
And why I tell you this story?
Ouane's son didn't got the face of her mother or his father, but the one from his father's best friend which is living just around the corner from Ouane's appartment....
Happened: 2009/2010
The 18 year old Girl from Nong Khai
Her Family decided she has to work in Pattaya
True Stories from Pattaya
Noi's parents are poor farmers in Nong Khai. As most other citizen of Thailand's Northern part they heared from neighbours and relatives the stories about all that generous Farangs living in Pattaya. They told her daughter of their deep debts and asked her to go to the city of money and to 'fish' a rich farang.
Noi is a good daughter. She left her job at one of Bangkok's largest electronic producers and went to Pattaya. At Pattaya's Bus Station An was already waiting for Noi. An is from Phitsanulok, but is working at a bar in Pattaya for many years. An is a member of Noi's large family clan.
In stories told at Noi's family, An is known as a rich woman. She already visited Germany with a German Farang and Switzerland with a Swiss one, but Noi is a clever young woman. When arriving at An's room she did miss the anticipated expensive furniture and the warm water in the bathroom. An's room not even had a kitchen. She didn't say anything, but her eyes and ears registered every single picture and every single word.
During the first evening An took Noi to her bar, but Noi was disapointed. The Farangs visiting the bar didn't speak her language. She couldn't understand anything. Unnecessarily that crazy Farangs tried to touch her hands, legs and breasts. Some even tried to kiss her. Noi asked An to bring her back to her room.
The next day the two decided that it would be better for Noi to get a job at a hotel. After visiting a few hotels, Noi got a job at a restaurant at a nice hotel in Jomtien.
After living in Jomtien for about 3 months Noi told her family that she will go back to Bangkok. Farangs are crazy people, Noi told her mother. They prefer to eat tasteless farang food, wear dirty clothes, are speaking a gibberish farang language and are hammered almost every day.
She is now happy at her former working place and tells all her friends and colleagues that many stories about the happy, funny and rich Pattaya bar girls are stories only. More often than not, not one single word of a story tells the true.
Happened: 2007
The big Love of a Thai Bar Girl
A former Monk brought her to Pattaya
True Stories from Pattaya
Sirichai lived in the temple for 7 years when he met Kob. He told her to leave her husband and to go with him to Pattaya. In Pattaya she had to work as a Go-Go Girl. She gave him all her money. During 10 years he had a good life, without working one single day. When she got 30 the 'good monk' deserted to another lady.
He is driving now 'his own' car and is enjoying his new life in Bangkok.
Happened: 1995 / 2007
No money - No return
The family told her daughter
True Stories from Pattaya
Pen is a lovely lady from Udon Thani.
She found her husband during a short stay in Pattaya.
After the marriage she followed him to Australia.
2011 she returned home to spend a few weeks with her family, but her holidays turned to a nightmare:
Pen's mother confiscated her passport and the flight ticket.
Tell your husband he has to pay 50'000 Baht to get you back, the mother told her daughter.
It's not always the lady that makes problems. In many cases it is the family of your wife that is trying to squeeze out the last Baht from a Farang.
Story added: November 2011
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