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Love Inns in Pattaya
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Love Inns in Thailand
What is a Love Inn?
Love Inns in Pattaya
Love Inns are hotels or motels having rooms mainly without windows, usually furnished with a large bed, an airconditioner, some kind of lightshow, a large bath- or shower-room and a television set.
The nicest ones are built as small bungalows with parking space for motorcycles and cars. You can find them all over Thailand (mostly announced as 24hrs. motel) - and therefore also in Pattaya.
Prices vary between about 300 and 400 Baht for Shorttime activities & between 600 and 800 Baht for Longtime use.
Pattaya's nicest Love Inns are Full Love Inn, Love 24 Inn and Viva Luv Motel. We recommend them all, as well as the all new Sweet Love Inn in Jomtien. At Naklua we recommend the Red Horse Resort and the Cha Ba Hut. Both located on Sukhumvit Soi 33.
Be warned
Love Inn addicted Lady
When I accepted to write about Pattaya's Love Inns and to test the motels myLady™ wasn't enthused.
She don't like to go to a place like that, she told me.
But when I told her that if she doesn't join me, I have to look for another girl to make the tests, she finally agreed to accompany me.
After the first visit of a (nice and new) motel she told me, if I ever want to do some exercises with her again, I have to invite her to a motel - or nothing would happen anymore...
She got addicted to Love Inns...
Tested Love Inns in Pattaya
Please click the links below for pictures of the motels and a map of their respective location.
For a map showing almost all Love Inns in the City please click the header!
Full Love Inn  OK
near Soi Bongkot, Pattaya
Viva Luv Motel  OK
Soi Phaniad Chang (Soi Yume), Central Pattaya
Honeymoon Inn  OK
Formerly known as Samed Resort
Soi Paniad Chang (Soi Yume)
Love 24 Inn  OK
Soi Phon Prapha Nimit 2
Sukhumvit Road Area, Central Pattaya
Soi Chaloem Prakiat 6, off Pattaya 3rd Road, North Pattaya
Bird Inn
near Soi Bongkot, Pattaya
Classic Inn
Soi 2, off Thepprasit Road
Chuenruk Inn
Soi 6 off Pattaya 3rd Road, Pattaya
J.R Place
Soi 51, off Sukhumvit Road
Money Motel
Formerly known as Privacy Motel
3rd Road, Pattaya
Party Love Inn
Soi 26, off Noen Plub Wan Road
Seat House
Soi Kophai, Pattaya
Simon Place
2nd Road, Drinking Street, Pattaya
The Rich Home
Pattaya South Road
Rose Inn
Soi Arunotai, Soi 1
Sukhumvit Road, Soi 42
Star Love Inn
Soi Arunotai, Soi 1
Sukhumvit Road, Soi 42
Tested Love Inns in Naklua:
Red Horse Resort   OK
Soi 33, Sukhumvit Road, Naklua
Cha Ba Hut  OK
Soi 33, Sukhumvit Road, Naklua
Planet Pattaya Resotel  OK
Huathung (Soi 28), off Sukhumvit Road, Naklua
Brown Sugar 999
Huathung (Soi 28), off Sukhumvit Road, Naklua
Bungalow 99
Huathung (Soi 28), off Sukhumvit Road, Naklua
Good View Resort
North Pattaya Road, Naklua
Lovely Home
Soi 31, Naklua Road, Naklua
Moon Night
Soi 20, Naklua Road, Naklua
Baan Kaew Resort
Naklua Road, 123/55 Soi 13
Kanika Hotel
Soi Photisarn 8, Naklua
Tested Love Inn in Jomtien:
Chaiyapruk Lodge  OK
Soi Chaiyapruek 2
Fair Inn  OK
Soi Chaiyapruek 2
Sai Kaew Resort  OK
Soi Chaiyapruek 3
Sweet Sence  OK
formerly known as Sweet Love Inn
near Floating Market, Jomtien
Same management as Full Love Inn
Walk Inn Villa  OK
Soi 11, off Thepprasit Road, Jomtien
Q Resort
2nd Road, Jomtien
Rompho 24 Motel
Rompho Complex, 2nd Road, Jomtien
New Love Inn in Jomtien:
Sky Hip Resort
Soi Bun Kanchana 2
Shortime Hotels in Jomtien:
Shorttime Hotels in Jomtien are located in Soi 2, Soi 3, Soi 4 and Soi 5 mainly.
This are mostly outdated hotels, similar to Pattaya's P.S Hotel in Soi Yamato.
If you need one, look out for the 24hrs label on the neon signs!
Not tested:
Suan Nam Resort
(Water Garden Resort)
252/73 Soi Bongkot, Soi 8
Ban Puean
Soi Khaonoi, Pattaya
Sanam Ya Tiam
Soi Khaonoi, Pattaya
The Fairways Golf Range & Resort
Sukhumvit Road
M.C. Place
opposite Pattaya City Resort,
South Road (near Soi 7), Pattaya
Sugar House
Huathung (Soi 28), off Sukhumvit Road, Naklua
Yellow Moon
Huathung (Soi 28), off Sukhumvit Road, Naklua
Star Bungalows
Soi Chaiyapornvitee 1
Sabai Inn VIP
Soi Chaiyapornvitee 1
Sukhumvit Soi 33
Thai Bali
Sukhumvit Soi 33
Rooms only (no motels):
Love Time Inn, Soi Yamato
Galaxy Suites, Soi Diamond
PS Guest House, Soi Yamato
Royal Hotel, Soi BJ, off Walking Street
Secrets, Soi 14, off Walking Street
Tony's Shorttime Rooms, Soi 16
Majestic Guesthouse
Fahrenheit A Go-Go, Walking Street
Swiss Food Restaurant
Soi Diamond, off Walking Street
PB, Puphaya Budget 122
Soi 8, off 2nd Road
Greenview, Soi 15, off Walking Street
Little Court, Soi Buakhaow
Pattaya Inn, Soi BJ, off Walking Street
Jasmine Hotel, Soi BJ, off Walking St.
Lido Hotel, corner South Road/3rd Road
Some Bars & Clubs, mostly located on Soi 6, Soi Chaiyapoon and Soi LK Metro, offer short time rooms too.
Love Inn of the Month
Still recommended by myLady™
Red Horse
Red Horse
Red Horse
Red Horse
Red Horse
Red Horse
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