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Sugar Sugar A Go-Go reopens
Club Panda reopens on March 11th
March 5th, 2021
Talk of the Town
The doors to Club Electric Blue on Soi 15, off Walking Street, are open but the venue itself is inactiv.
Roof Top Club, the only remaining Indian disco in Walking Street, is also now closed.
Friends Disco Club on Soi LK Metro, opened today with a party.
Sugar Sugar, an A Go-Go Bar on Soi LK Metro, announced to reopen "soon".
March 1st, 2021
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Queen Club A Go-Go reopens tonight in Soi LK Metro.
March 1st, 2021
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The owner of Dragon, a Gay Club & Pub located in Soi 12, off Pattaya Klang and opposite Jameson's The Irish Pub, was arrested for runnig a club without license(s). Police closed the venue.
Buddhist Holiday
February 23rd, 2021
Talk of the Town
According to the Chonburi Public Relations page, the Chonburi Governor today officially approved the extension of the entertainment venues' opening hours until midnight, effective immediately.
February 19th, 2021
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Bone, Differ, DNA, and YES! are popular Thai pubs in the north of Pattaya and are open now.
But Bone and Differ have decided to open only on weekends until further notice.
February 19th, 2021
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Coco A Go-Go in Soi Diamond, off Walking Street, and Barchelor in Soi LK Metro have reopened.
February 18th, 2021
Talk of the Town
Area 51 on Soi Diana has reopened on February 1st and has been employing Coyote dancers again for a few days now.
February 15th, 2021
Talk of the Town
Colonel Pisit Poonsap, Pattaya's Police Chief, tells entertainment venue owners: Closure time is 23:00, stop pushing it!
February 15th, 2021
Talk of the Town
Lady Love A Go-Go in Soi LK Metro has reopened after some additional remodelling.
Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year
February 9th, 2021
Talk of the Town
Lady Love A Go-Go in Soi LK Metro has closed its door since February 8th without giving any reason.
Probably to compensate for this loss, the MJ Kitty Girl Bar in Soi 6 has reopened its doors.
Pandoras' Chilli Con Carne
February 8th, 2021
Talk of the Town
Chonburi's Provincial Communicable Disease Committee has cancelled its silly January 30th closure order on Convenience Stores.
The shops can now stay open all night.
February 6th, 2021
Talk of the Town
On Walking Street, Atlantis A Go-Go and Palace Club A Go-Go opened their doors, on Soi LK Metro, Dolls LK decided to open as well!
Hard Rock Cafe reopens on Saturdays only
February 4th, 2021
Talk of the Town
Tahitian Queen, Pattaya's longest running A Go-Go Bar is back on track! Dozens of supporters made it happen following a fundraising campaign on the crowdfunding website
The crowdfunding was organised by Chuliporn Underwood, Woody's son from California.
You can still donate money and help keep the legendary bar alive, which also supports the Fountain of Life Children's Center for more than 20 years.
It seems that the bar could be saved.
It was announced to open on February 12th with Woody and Bob as managers.
Fahrenheit reopens
Pin-up reopens
February 3rd, 2021
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Opened A Go-Go Bars on Walking Street:
Club Electric Blue A Go-Go
Beavers A Go-Go
Tantra A Go-Go
The Dollhouse A Go-Go
Windmill A Go-Go
Opened Dancings on Walking Street:
Candy Shop
Lucifer Disko
Roof Top Club
February 3rd, 2021
Talk of the Town
Opened A Go-Go Bars in Soi Buakhao Area:
Crystal Club A Go-Go
Golden Time 2.0
Heaven Above
Lady Love A Go-Go
Moon Light A Go-Go
Pandoras A Go-Go Club
Paradise A Go-Go
Opened A Go-Go Bar in Soi Yamato:
So Nice A Go-Go
January 30th, 2021
Talk of the Town
On January 30th Chonburi's Provincial Communicable Disease Committee announced that restaurants, pubs and bars can resume operations on February 1st. However, they must comply with the preventive measures of the Ministry of Health.
Under the new regulations, restaurants, pubs, bars and karaoke shops will be allowed to stay open until 23:00. Liquors can be sold and served. Convenience stores must close between 23:00 and 05:00.
Musical performances are allowed, but dancing is prohibited.
Massage parlors may reopen with limited customers. Exercise venues (eg. fitness clubs) and boxing stadiums can operate and organise competitions with crowd control measures.
Whether A-Go-Go clubs will be allowed to open their doors remains unclear, although the ladies' exercises on the poles can hardly be called dance performances in most places.
Keep in mind that everyone must continue to practise social distancing and wear face masks.
Happy New Year
January 1st, 2021 updated
Talk of the Town
As a result of the outbreak of Covid-19 disease in Samut Sakhon and Rayong, Chonburi Governor Pakarathorn Thienchai announced on December 30th, 2020, that both Banglamung and Pattaya must enter heavily controlled status. This means the closure of all non-essential shops, bars, dancings, nightclubs, karaoke clubs, malls, etc.
Restaurants are restricted to takeout and delivery only.
On December 31st, the obviously overburdened governor from Chonburi suddenly decided that restaurants could serve guests and resume serving alcoholic beverages with immediate effect.
On January 4th, 2021, Chonburi's governor published "improved" regulations:
Now restaurants can serve customers with food, but without alcoholic drinks, from 06:00 to 21:00. After 21:00, venues can only sell takeaway food (but including alcoholic beverages).
Under the new rules, department stores can remain open, including all retail outlets.
It shows again that the country's leaders speak before they use their brains.
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