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Freelancers in Pattaya
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Freelancers in Pattaya
Where freelancers are working
Freelancers in Pattaya
Freelancer mostly work at Pattaya's Beach Road, at Royal Garden Plaza or at Dancings in or around Walking Street.
Another popular meeting point is the second floor at BigC's Festival Center in North Pattaya.
The Ladies on Beach Road prefer 'short time activities', the Girls you meet in Dancings usually are interested in a 'long time relationship'.
Freelancers in Pattaya
Most popular Freelancer Dancings
Freelancers in Pattaya
The most popular Dancings for Freelancer are Tony's, Marine Disco, Lucifer, Candy Shop and Insommnia on Walking Street and Bamboo Bar on South Pattaya Road, about 100 meters from the entry to Walking Street.
Lucifer is known for its high security controls. Every Lady has to show her identity card. Underaged Girls are a NO at Lucifer. Nevertheless, most visitors agree that Lucifer attracts the most attractive Freelancers in Pattaya. At the entry to Lucifers Disco a band plays international hits. The dancing itself is a high level Disco with air conditioner.
Pattaya's oldest Disco, but still running hot, is Marine Disco. At Marine a Band alternates with Discosounds over a high level sound system. The dancing is on the second floor of the building. A moving staircase brings you there. Marine Disco is air-conditioned.
Despite its high prices, the talk of the town is Tony's Entertainment Complex. You are dancing to life and disco music as well. Tony claims to make strict entry controls as do most of the other dancing in Pattaya. Tony's Entertainment Complex is a popular 'after work' place for Bar Girls too. Therefore not all Ladies at Tony's are Freelancers. The venue is air-conditioned. Tony's has an open heart for unmated Ladies: Their first drink is free.
Candy Shop on Walking Street is another polular dancing. The venue is an open ventilator cooled disco. The bar plays its hard beats at very high levels. Bands alternate with disco sounds. Candy Shop is still attracting a growing number of very lovely ladies.
Bamboo Bar at the entry to Walking Street is a 'open air' dancing with two Bands playing each evening. The real thing starts at about 23:00. The Ladies at Bamboo Bar usually have a open heart for older men. From all the places mentioned here, Bamboo Bar is the place with the most familiar touch. Ventilators help to cool down.
Hollywood Pattaya on Soi Phettrakun (Nothern Pattaya) is another popular place to meet freelancers. The dancing has a perfect mix of life music, disco sounds, shows with beautiful dancers and sexy visitors.
Mixx, Club Insomnia, 808, Gulliver's Walkingstreet as well as the few Indian Clubs are the other meeting places for freelancers, all located on Walking Street or at the Bali Hai Pier.
Taking photos at this places is unwanted or even prohibited.
How to approach a Freelancer in Pattaya
It's easy: Smile!
Freelancers in Pattaya
If you see a lady that fits your taste smile at her.
If she smiles back approch her and say 'hello'.
In most cases she will ask you 'where you come from', then she will ask your name and likes to know where you stay.
After that Pattaya and nature take their course easily and hassle free.

Please be polite:
Don't touch her until she takes your hand or your arm.
Do not touch her hair or her head.
In Thailand the head is the most important part of the body.
It's 'the home' of the soul and the spirit.
Do not kiss her in public.
Even if your lady is a prostitute (in your understanding), she is a human and a Thai - and Thailand has its very own rules.
Wear good and clean clothes.
Look around, in most cases Thai women wear nicer clothes than their counterparts in Western countries.
Take a shower (and use a deodorant) before you go to a bar.
Freelancers in Pattaya
Freelancers don't talk about the Price.
Freelancers in Pattaya
Freelancer in Pattaya interested in long time relationships usually don't talk about the price at first.
They try to establish some kind of relationship first.
Some girls are prepared to extend their relationship for a number of days or weeks or even years.
Sometimes the customer ends up spending the entire vacation with one girl and sometimes he comes back.
Sometimes she becomes his mistress or even his wife.
Her stay with the man is usually conditioned upon his readiness to support her or to take care of her, her children and her family financially.
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